Friday, March 11, 2011

Maybe i should stop thinking out loud? At least about the possible bad that can happen

First the Fukushima, and soon other similar plant tragedy will fallow if we do not start to accept the problem. The Starbob├Ál - no it's not old history news that has been solved.
Second the earthquake & tsunami that hit the Asia & Japan today... and how long do we have before before one important cities will under the sea, for ever?

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At 8/09/2011 9:25 AM , Blogger EESTI said...

Unfortunately, in the latest part of Your report You make a very credible forecast: some cities are going under the sea.
In Italy - Country where I am writing from - there is Venice. Nobody says it clearly, but Venice is really disappearing: in about 200 days in the year all the roads along the channels and all platforms are under the sea (40 up to 140 cm).
Arctic ices are becoming liquid and, after Venice, there will be New Orleans, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Miami, Sankt Peterburg etc.
We just must be ready.

At 8/09/2011 9:25 AM , Blogger EESTI said...

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